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Coral Publications is a small and innovative company

Coral Publications was established in 2008 by marine biologist Tim Wijgerde. At first dedicated to science writing, Coral Publications now assists companies and various institutes with many challenges within the domain of marine aquaculture. Read more about our ongoing projects below.

  1. Seaweed aquaculture
  2. DyMiCo technology
  3. Aquarium lighting
  4. Coral aquaculture

Together with several partners, we are developing seaweed culture systems. With an innovative aquaculture method, we plan to grow seaweeds for the European food market.


Together with EcoDeco BV, R.H. van Dijk Lelystad Beheer BV and Jarathana International, we are developing an innovative filtration system for marine aquaria.

With DyMiCo (Dynamic Mineral Control), aquaria filled with corals and fishes can be maintained much more easily.

In addition, DyMiCo uses less energy and requires no water changes or additives.



Together with Philips, we are currently testing their new LED fixture for the marine aquarium market. We recently published a preliminary test report for this technology.

Philips LED


Together with EcoDeco BV, BlueLinked BV, and support of the Dutch government, we established a nursery for the sustainable aquaculture of stony corals in The Netherlands.

Coral nursery

Underwater photography

We produce high quality photographs of marine life

Scientific photography

We help you document your results

Let us promote your products

Promote your products with our unique and detailed imagery

BV van Dijk

"Thanks to the expertise of Coral Publications, we are currently developing a state-of-the-art filtration system for marine aquaria."

Erik van Dijk, R.H. van Dijk Lelystad Beheer BV

Wageningen UR

"Coral Publications uses scientific principles to effectively tackle aquaculture problems."

Dr. Ronald Osinga, Wageningen University

"Coral Publications has assisted our wholesale company in many ways, ranging from the setup of filtration systems to website photography."

Evert Landman, Jarathana International

"Coral Publications has helped us to document our aquaculture progress with high quality photography."

Michael Laterveer, BlueLinked BV
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