Current projects

Below you will find a list of the projects we are currently involved in. We mainly focus on building and editing (popular) scientific websites. is a science outreach website, and deals with marine biology. Its mission is to bridge the gap between science (coral science in particular) and society, to stimulate environmental awareness, and to encourage scientific discussion about coral reefs, the oceans in general and the earth's climate. This mission is achieved by publishing scientific articles about ocean related research, readable to e.g. science-oriented individuals, divers, zoo- and ocean- related staff and advanced aquarists. 

Coral Science is a non-profit project, and is supported by scientists from various research institutes. is the Dutch version of, and focuses specifically on The Netherlands and Belgium.


CORALZOO is a collaborative project between several universities, research institutes, zoos and public aquaria. The project mission is to optimize sustainable aquaculture of stony corals through funded research. CORALZOO is a EU (European Union) funded project, which runs from June 2005 to June 2009. 

Porifarma B.V.

Porifarma B.V. intends to be the leading sponge marine biotechnology company: producing, extracting, and supplying sponges and natural products derived from sponges in a sustainable manner.

Marine sponges (Porifera) are known as a potential plentiful resource of new products for society, such as food additives, fine chemicals (biomaterials, for instance collagen and biosilica), cosmetics and natural compounds that may become leads for pharmaceutical drug development. In addition, natural sponges have a potential use as biological filter and are still widely being used as bath sponges.

Porifarma, founded in 2005, is aiming to convert this promising resource into a profitable business. Porifarma will apply a combination of sea-based farming with land-based aquaculture of sponges in sophisticated tank systems, thus providing an inexpensive, but secured supply of sponge materials to its potential customers.

Ons zeeaquarium

Ons zeeaquarium is an aquarium magazine aimed at marine aquarium hobbyists and aquarists. It discusses all aspects of fish, coral and other marine invertebrate husbandry. Ons zeeaquarium is published by Jaha Distributions, in Dutch, and issued in the Benelux.

Reef Interests

Reef Interests was founded in 2008 as a company dedicated to optimizing the sustainable aquaculture and husbandry of marine animals. Reef Interests provides feeds and life support systems designed to facilitate the aquaculture of a wide array of marine organisms. Their products are used by aquaculture facilities, public aquaria, zoos and private aquarists.